Among Us is one of the most popular games of 2020 now. With more than 100 million installations on just Google play store, it is storming the Internet with its popularity. Among Us also has millions of memes being posted on Instagram. All the famous and big youtubers, including Pewdiepie has found this game amazing.

We know, that you love Among Us. There are several other games like Among Us, that you would love to play daily. Here are several games that you will love, if you love playing Among Us.

Town of Salem – The Coven

This Game is somewhat similar to Among Us, all that you have to do is to find the killer before he/she kills you. And you do the opposite when you are the killer. You will have to kill the person before they find you suspicious.

You can play this game with your friends too and the game allows at most 15 players to join at a time. This Game is available only on PC. There are many roles in this game that you can choose from like Coven, Town, Mafia, and Neutral.

Garry’s Mod

One of the most popular games on steam is Garry’s mod. You might have seen the videos of garry’s mod on Youtube. People like Vanoss Gaming and his friends play this game regularly. The game is completely worth all the time that you need. This Game has a special game mode called the trouble in terrorist town, where players are divided into traitors , detectives and innocents. The traitors are supposed to kill the innocents and the detectives are supposed to find out. The game is so popular and amazing that it has a 10/10 score on steam


This game is an amazing mixture of horror and survival. This game consists of several missions that you can complete with your friends. And a lot of game modes to make this game more amazing and challenging. If you want to have a similar experience just like Among us, then you can also add an impostor in your group. This game is amazing and can be experienced best when played with friends.

Project Winter

The main aim of the game is survival. All that you have to do is to survive in harsh and chilly winter conditions. There will be an impostor among you whose main aim is to stop you and your teammates from surviving and escaping. To initiate and start your planning for escape, first you have to finish all the tasks that have been provided to you.

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