Everyone Uses VPN nowadays, but nobody knows to use them up to their complete potential. Well, we thought that it would be better if you know the benefits of using a VPN to stay more secure online.

1. Protected File Sharing

One of the most important and amazing benefits of using a VPN is that you can share your files and data without worrying about them. Whenever you use a VPN to share file with other users, there is an end-to-end encrypted and secure connection so that the data being shared is not leaked.

2. Remote Access

Imagine you are at home and your office/company is situated in some other country or place. A VPN will play an important role as it will help you access your company’s files without any hassle. VPN is just like any normal network , but way more secure. This feature allows employees to maintain flow in their work from any part of the world.

3. Anonymity

One of the biggest reasons for which VPN was created. To make you anonymous online. Keeping your identity and data safe online is one of the biggest challenges you face ever on Internet. By using a VPN you keep your identity safe online. Let me explain it to you how it works :

When you use a VPN your location keeps on changing and hopping to different servers in equal intervals of time. This means that your personal I.P address is bounced on several servers of several different countries ensuring a safer identity.

But do you know you can go a step further and achieve maximum security? Yes, just combine your VPN with a incognito tab or a special browser called ” Tor Browser ” and your identity is impossible to leak !

4. Bypass Blockers and Filters

All Thanks to Internet censorship and government’s policies, many Internet users are not being able to access content by several websites that have been blocked in their country/region. This is mostly experienced by users for streaming websites like Netflix. The most common example is Netflix’s Rick and Morty is not available in Canada. I mean why would they even block it? It’s an amazing show right? I love it. Well, VPN will allow you to bypass the content block and enjoy your favorite shows!

This is EXACTLY how a VPN works

5. Improved Performance

VPNs are proved to increase your bandwidth and increase your network’s performance online. Sometimes switching to a different server results in better streaming and downloading. It also reduces the time to request files from the servers.

6. Affordability

You must be thinking that with such great powers comes great price right? Nope. Many companies provide services at $3.49 per month, which is way lower than streaming charges by Netflix Right? This is a small price that you can pay them to make sure that your identity is secure online

7. Enhanced Security

The main use of VPN? Ofcourse it is security. Why would someone want to use VPN when its not secure. Well do you know that VPN’s allow you to safely access an encrypted remote network. This encrypted network allows you to easily save your passwords ,data and your IP address online without any worry. Once you use a VPN with a secure browser, you are complete new man. Even your ISP can’t track your activites, as you are bouncing your IP address every few minutes.

8. Reduce Maintenance costs

If you are a business owner, using a VPN may help you reduce your maintenance costs of your high-performing servers because you can outsource most of the work to third-party services where you can easily find a major cost difference.

9. Prevents DDoS attacks

Well, if you are a Gamer, you might have noticed hackers. Hackers are a lot common in online-gaming industry now. These hackers target your IP address and make sure that you lose your game by bringing your connection down using a DDos ( Distributed Denial of Service ) attack. This attack will make sure that you lose your game and , lose your patience too! Like who wants to lose a game of Fortnite or PUBG when they are in top 10? Having a secure VPN will mask your IP address, so that the evil Hacker won’t be able to target you directly!

9. Bypass IP bans

Again, Gamers experience this atleast once every month. Especially professional gamers like Pewdiepie, Ninja and Shroud. When they start achieving something in the game that is not usual, the server thinks that the particular player is probably cheating and should be banned from the game. The server bans their IP address for a short amount of time. Sometimes these bans extend up to 7 days. So , to bypass such bans , gamers can use VPNs to bypass their temporary bans in games.

A Cool Hack

First of all Huge Kudos to Manofmany blog for letting us know this amazing trick. Now you can save huge amount of money using this. So the trick goes like this.. whenever you are looking to travel through flight, trying switching your IP addresses to different servers of different countries. This will show you a new price on flight every time you switch your server on VPN. The Hack is kind of a plot-hole as they show different prices to people of different countries. Next-time when you are looking for flights, don’t apply some coupons, instead switch your server to see better results.

Cool Tips to Have a Secure Password


What is VPN used for?

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network is used to hide your identity and IP address online. It creates a complete virtual and safe network where you can browse Internet and store data without any security issues.

Is it illegal to have a VPN?

No, VPNs are completely legal in all countries across the world. But if you are doing an online activity that is considered illegal, having a VPN won’t make a difference as it would still be illegal.

Should I use VPN all the time?

VPN offers you better protection all the time. Even if you are not using your computer , having a VPN running will keep it secure by preventing any data or password leaks.

How much does a VPN cost?

You don’t have to worry about the price of VPN. The best VPN providers like Nord VPN and CyberGhost VPN cost only $3.49 a month. The cost of having a VPN is way less than cost of Netflix’s streaming charges

Should I use a VPN at home?

You don’t need to use a VPN at home. Home networks are completely secure when compared to public networks. You must use a VPN when you are using a public Wi-Fi but you don’t have to use a VPN at home for home networks.

which is the best free VPN?

Nord VPN is the best free VPN. Nord VPN provides amazing security to your devices at lowest price without any hassle. It is easy to set up and is available across all platforms

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