I guess you guys have already played among us. This game is becoming popular day by day. The internet has been crazy since the game has become popular. And of course, many YouTube channels have been streaming this game for almost several weeks now.

If you enjoy seeing live streams of games like among us on YouTube then you will really love this list. This list is all about the top YouTube channels and gamers who play among us and stream it on a regular basis.

Pewdiepie – Among us

This name is not a surprise anymore. If you want to find any game that is good to play and is recommended by professionals then purified is the only guy who can do the job for you. PewDiePie has been playing Among us for almost 3 weeks now.

He Streams it regularly on YouTube with his fellow friends like ksi and jacksepticeye and many more streamers like corpse, pokimane. Having a guy like PewDiePie play this game not only increases its popularity but also increases the number of downloads the game will ever get.

It has been proved that whenever PewDiePie is seen playing a game on his channel, the game experiences growth of 300 % in downloads. he started playing among us when several uses on the internet started playing and saw memes of the games on the internet

Mr beast – Among us

I am sure that you are familiar with this name anyone who is addicted to watching video from YouTube would be surprised to see this name he has 42 million subscribers on his channel and he’s one of the best content creators on YouTube and his videos get millions of views everyday.

Mr beast recently uploaded a video on his gaming channel where he was seen playing among us with his friends and in a room of hundred players. Mr beast’s videos are unique and very fun to watch is usually seen doing crazy and unique challenges on YouTube with his friends Carl and Chandler.

He has a gaming channel where he has more than 10 million subscribers and he uploads videos regularly on the channel. so if you are looking for something that is unique in among us and wants to have fun watching it then you must surely watch Mr beast on YouTube.

Clash Universe

Have you ever seen this channel clash universe? this channel uploads amazing tips and tricks of all the popular games on the internet.

This channel was completely focused on the game clash of clans and clash royale but since the game lost its popularity clash universe has been uploading and sharing amazing tips and tricks of various games like pubg fortnight and now among us.

His recent video on Pro tips and tricks among us got more than 12 million views on YouTube. all the tips and tricks that I uploaded on his channel are very unique and help to become a pro player in the game. It teaches you different methods of finding out who the imposter is.

If you are a crewmate and are struggling with finding the imposter he has several unique ideas using which you can find out the imposter in no time.


I am sure that you guys no courage. He’s and twitch streamer upload videos on YouTube regularly he is a professional gamer and has been a professional in-game such as PUBG and Fortnite.

courage has recently started playing among us with his friends and he has been an amazing game too. Courage is also a member of 100 thieves.

He was recently seen playing with post and lazar and many other streamers like Muselk and Valkyrae. He is still a professional gamer in Fortnite and was among the top players like Ninja.


Lazarbeam has some unique skills and gives us the best content when it is related to gaming. His recent video on among us got 14 million views and he was playing with some good streamers like courage and muselk.

Lazarbeam is an Australian YouTuber and gamer. His channel has over 18.4 million subscribers. He uploads Funny content and let’s play videos on YouTube.


You must have heard the name ninja. Ninja has been the most popular game in the past two years and has been the best Fortnite player ever. Ninja gained popularity when he played Fortnite with famous personalities like marshmallow and famous rapper drake.

Ninja is also known as Tyler Blevins has broken several records while playing games. the very first record that he broke was of having the highest amounts of viewers for a twitch stream. He got over a million live viewers for his Fortnite stream with Drake. Ninja is a competitive Fortnite player and also won a tournament with his partner marshmello.

He is usually seen playing competitive games but for the first time, he has been playing a game that is casual and enjoys it very much. Ninja has gained a lot of attention since he started playing Fortnite although this game is not competitive, he still enjoys it playing daily.


We are going to keep it simple about him. According to the analytics of twitch, he is one of the most popular streamers for among us. Just like Ninja, he is also a bill that only playing games that are competitive and has very high energy when he is playing competitive games in nature. But since he started playing among us he gained a lot of attention and he has been enjoying the game and has been streaming on twitch that gets millions of views daily.


if you’re looking for streams on among us that are super fun to watch you must surely have a YouTube channel off toast. These videos are super fun to watch and hook the viewers throughout the stream. He is the most popular among us streamer on YouTube. He has the most unique content on Among us on YouTube. Toast is seen playing with PewDiePie regularly With some other streamers like corpse and jacksepticeye.

These were all about the most popular streamers who enjoy playing among us. If you like to play among us let us know. according to us among us is the perfect game and has a full score on steam. there are very few games that have full steam on steam, so if a game has such high ratings it surely deserves to win people’s hearts.

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