The best cheating tips and why you need them, I know you don’t like to study because your parents push you to do study and you have no other option. I know how it sounds like but listen, you have to pass the exam it doesn’t matter how you are going to do it.

We are going to tell you about some amazing cheating gadgets you can use in the exam without any problem of getting caught.

So here are the best cheating devices available

1. Bluetooth eraser with spy earpiece

You will get in integrated microphone which has a Bluetooth password of 0 0 0 0 and has an operating range of 22cm

Range of transmission 25cm for earpiece and for cell phones

You can easily connect devices with the Bluetooth v2.0

2. Paper pen

This pen looks like any other normal pen but no one would know that it has a clip that can be pulled and extend which you can use to hide your secrete notes. When used releases the play the paper inside the pen will automatically roll in. You can use it again and again by removing the notes after one use. so it’s one time investment.

3.vintage watch ROX

This watch has two versions because the first version is successful the watch company has released has second version of the watch, which is much smaller lighter, and smarter and makes it unnoticed to caught.

In the second version, you will get faster text scrolling speed with a new smart Design with adjustable brightness feature and custom clock interface.

This model of the watch supports TXT, JPG files. Also, you can scroll the text at a much faster rate so you can easily find the answer without being caught. You will get an emergency button for safety. Don’t need to install any third-party application.

4.Live stream WIFI glasses

You don’t Heard about this device

This is the first device that can hide an HD camera inside the sunglasses. It comes with Wi-Fi so you can stream live video using an internet connection. It allows you to share your live screen with anyone and anywhere.

You can buy a wireless earpiece for you and your friend to use it as two way communication. It’s easy to use just install an app and connect with glasses.

You will get-

  • Storage for 128GB memory card
  • Live streaming over wifi P2P
  • Motion detection
  • Push alarm messages
  • 280Mah battery capacity with 72 min battery backup
  • Loop recording
  • Wifi Camera
  • Megapixel COM lens

5.Cicret Bracelet

This is the device that can able to mirror your smartphone android, apple, or windows devices.

this is just simple to use you just have to connect the bracelet with your device. And it will project the screen on your screen also you can scroll the text messages and use it as mobile just like the touch screen.

It comes with 32GB storage capacity within it. You can use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect with a smartphone. It works by using a Pico projector and proximity sensor when you tap on your arm it generates vibrations and response to the processor.

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