I see that you need a Custom Rom. Do you know that Android powers 98% of mobile devices? Amazing right? The biggest and best advantage of using Android over IOS is that it is based on Linux and is an open-source project, which means that if you are a developer, you are allowed to customize it free of cost!

But many Android devices have one common problem: access to new updates and newer versions of Android. Do you know that 83% of Android devices are not delivered with their Latest versions of Software? But many developers have found a solution to this problem. They have started producing custom Android Rom’s that allow users to experience Android’s latest versions even if their devices don’t support them. These custom Roms gives users access to use better Android versions with better UI’s. Custom Rom’s are incredibly fast in performance when compared to Stock Rom’s offered by Google.


1. Lineage OS

Lineage OS is the most popular custom ROM among developers worldwide, previously it was known as CyanogenMod. It is built using Google’s Android base code which has been customized well for better performance. The best part about Lineage OS is that it is supported by many devices which also delivers the latest update to all the users using this ROM. Lineage’s Rom is light-weight and has few pre-installed apps that are important and do not have unnecessary apps which gives you lots of free memory for better lag-free performance.

2. Pixel Experience

If you are a fan of Google’s amazing pixel phones but , you can’t afford them, then don’t worry, Pixel experience will do the work for you. This ROM changes the UI and transforms your phone into your own new Google Pixel Device. It is completely close to the Stock ROM, thanks to the little customization. But still it lacks the performance when compared to Lineage OS. But still it is very popular among Custom ROM users.

3. Resurrection Remix

It is the most preferred ROM by developers as it is the most customizable ROM available out there. It offers tons of cool features for their users but still it lacks stability. It is mainly based on Lineage OS and has amazing performance with each and every update. Though people doubt its stability as it is not suitable for heavy performance, it is still a good choice for daily uses.

4. AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended is an open-source project of android. It’s commonly known as AEX Rom.AEX gives you access to customize the stock UI with so many features along with the substratum theme engine. This ROM looks so modern and sleek which gives smooth and better experience with great performance. battery life will be much optimized as compared to stock UI and you can enjoy the lag-free experience.

5. Paranoid Android

This is the oldest ROM among the custom ROMs and most popular when it comes to select between CyanogenMod/LineageOS Roms. it gives a similar performance like an AOSP Rom. Even if it doesn’t have many options you get the latest features that are later adopted by Android. The display called ambient was primarily introduced by paranoid android. You can also customize the navigation bar with help of hover mode and pie mode. 

6. Dirty Unicorns

Resurrection Remix is similar to this ROM. Dirty unicorn is a stable version of RR.DU writes their codes from scratch while other ROM’s like Resurrection Remix just add their code to the source code. The DU gives priority to customizations and stability of ROM. The DU was developed by the lovers who have a hobby of developing custom ROM and they don’t want to do only business and also they don’t accept donations!


Xiaomi android devices are live examples of MIUI. The MIUI interface is similar to ios interface. this rom is available for android devices and pre-installed in Xiaomi devices. the people who love ios and also like android features this ROM is specially designed for them.everyone can use this ROM so thanks for the developing this Amazing ROM

8. Bootleggers Rom

ground zero open source project has made this aftermarket firmware ROM. it provides your custom features for editing your most useful apps where you can feel like 家(home or family)

you will also get some pre-installed ringtones, wallpaper, fonts, and themes so you get a cool and fresh look. you can also select apps, header packs, and wallpapers.

This ROM is a great combination of Stability and customization so you can use it as your daily driver


The viper has also stabilized ROM which gives your phone more stability, battery life, and customization over your device. This viper project is definitely new for some users but this ROM will be the big name in the list of the custom ROM. they don’t provide you lot of customization features, but the primary customization features are available in the ROM. so you can use it as daily driver 

10. HavocOS

This is also another new project in the world of custom ROMs.  havoc is another most customizable ROM compared to the Ressurection remix. It is based on the AOSP project and gives you access to more and more customization. it is not stable than other ROMs because of has heavy customization features but it has a theme which gives your device more aesthetic looks

Are custom ROMs worth it?

Yes, custom ROMs are completely worth it. The main reason is that Android simply can not provide latest updates to all the devices at same performance. But custom ROMs can be installed on any device and helps you experience the latest updates.

Are custom ROMs better than stock?

Yes custom ROMs are better for user who like to experience the latest updates and want to unlock the true performance of their phone. Meanwhile if you are concerned about the security and warranty of the device, stock roms are better

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