after pubg the famous game franchise COD mobile Came into the market for Android devices with their enhanced graphics.

After the game launches on the Play Store within a week the game has already crossed 100 million downloads.

The game is similar to other multiplayer shooting games. It has multiple modes to play you can also play with your friends. Frontline, team deathmatch, battle royale, and domination, and yes you can also play a practice match with the bot. The battle royale mode is very impressive that you also can’t compare it with pubg.

so if you are thinking about downloading call of duty game then also refer this game to your friends so you can play it with them.

So here are the tips and tricks about the COD mobile game follow this and you will come again here to find some interesting news.

1. You can glide to avoid damage when falling from a height

You know that your character can glide in COD mobile which is a special ability of a character using this you can glide in the air and land safely without getting any damage so next time when you are jumping from height click on the glide button and this will also protect you during fights.

2. Selecting the best graphic setting

We know that you love playing games in high settings and you also have a device that supports ultra HD graphics. But you should keep the setting optimum because keeping HD graphics will help you to render fast and with extra FPS so you can play the game smoothly. Because you have extra FPS you will be one step ahead of your opponent.

3. Selecting a shooting mode

In COD mobile, you have two different modes for shooting one is a simple mode and another is the advanced mode.

In the simple mode, the gun will automatically start firing once you aim at the enemy even if you just want to take a look at the enemy’s position which is an advantage for a close-range battlefield. another mode is an advanced mode which only fires when you open scope and point at enemies this will be very helpful when you are playing in battle royale mode in COD mobile because if you already know enemies location and you don’t want to alert them about your location and waiting to tap on fire button on the exact time for a headshot.

4. Making perfect use of drones

You will get a drone as a reward when you complete their mission of killing enemies continuously. UAV and missile also give you the ability to kill enemies at once. If you are playing multiplayer mode then you should know how to and when to use drones. Using a missile you can kill all the enemies in a certain radius. You can also launch a UAV in the direction of the enemy. You will know no position of your enemy with the help of drone radar. Using these rewards you will be one step ahead of your enemy.

5. Keep upgrading your weapons

In COD mobile you can buy the weapon and use them accordingly to your game mode to get better performance you have to keep updating your equipped weapons. By updating weapon you will get different sights, foregrips, magazines, and stocks it will make your weapons table and better

6. Use special abilities such as a boost in multiplayer

When you use a boost in multiplayer mode you don’t have to change your gun from your enemy you will get a magazine full of ammo from your enemy’s body, so you can use the weapons in the whole match.

7. Using helicopter

You can fly a helicopter in battle royale mode of COD mobile we recommend you to fly a helicopter only when you are playing a solo match while you are playing with a squad it isn’t necessary to use a helicopter. You can quickly get out of the zone using a helicopter while the zone is coming.

8. Make the use of various throwables

In call of duty, you have different tables such as smoke, frag, and stun grenade. Use smoke grenade while the enemy keeps firing at you and you want to revive your teammates who are knocked. Use stun grenade to the blind enemy so you can easily fire first and kill him. Make use of frag grenade before attacking the animals in the home the more you use frag grenade more you will be an expert in using a grenade.

9. Avoiding damage

Avoid damage you have the ability to glide in the air and land safely. When you jump from a height and use a glide ability you will not get any damage and also trick your enemy while fighting.

10. Choosing the best character for you

While playing a game you should know about your special skills there are 6 types of classes you can use your character accordingly.


As a defender, you can make a shield anywhere you want and make a shield around you. It will also give you 20% less damage from all bullets.


Using medic character will provide you 2 special abilities it will make a circle around your character which can help you to kill your teammates when they stand inside the circle the second one is that it will take your 25% less time to review a teammate.


Choosing this character you will know the position of enemies and footprints of opponent for a longer time 

also, you can get a sensor dart that shows you all players in your vicinity.


The Clown is a toy bomb which emits zombies that attacks on any enemies.

Another character ability is anti-zombie which will reduce the zombie awareness distance to 15 meters.


Your enemies can’t hear your footstep noise because it’s your Ninja ability so if you are at a long distance from your enemy they can’t hear your footsteps. You will also get a grapple hook that can hook onto any surface want.


Using this you can launch an EMP drone that can continuously give you EMP interface with the enemies.

Above all skills are the power for you if you use it wisely then trust me you will be a professional COD mobile player within 1 month and you can play the game pretty confidently.

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