Playing your favorite video game with a truly immersed experience you need two things one is a big screen and another one is a great sound system like dolby atmos to feel the environment.

having a better and big screen helps you to have attention to each and every part of the game with enhanced graphics and with good sound system you able to hear the footsteps of the enemy from behind and be careful of the direction in which the grenade explosion is going to happens. If you are a competitive gamer and play online multiplayer games you need all of these features so you can one step ahead of the opponent.

so there are two types of surrounding systems which are Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. they are perfect for a surrounding sound speaker set up, or for a set of gaming headphones.

The Basics of Dolby Atmos Surround Sound for Gaming

Dolby Atmos is an object-based surround system that gives you a next-level gaming experience with height channels. it will also give you access to place the sound anywhere you want and if you are a game maker or filmmaker then this is the best setup for you with multi-dimensional listening experience, it will also overheads the sound using height channels so you can hear the sound top of where you are enjoying the playing sitting on the chair.

This setup is going to be a huge update for you because after so many years of using the older system which has only a four-dimensional sound system which is front, back, left, and right. So updating to the Dolby sound system you can enjoy gaming and watch movies with enthusiasm. this system setup has four height channels and requires two additional speakers. it was originated for the movie theaters for many years that’s why Atmos loved by moviegoers and received positive feedback and then the home-based system was created

What Equipment is Needed? 

for using Dolby atmos sound setup all you need is a more specific speaker because the normal sound system already has five to seven speakers already, so you only have to add one more to get the experience of height channel. it is added with upward-firing speakers that bounce off your ceiling to give 3-d effect. make sure that your receiver is compatible with Dolby atmos so you can also use your ceiling speaker as height will get most of the gaming collection of Dolby feature comes with either Pc or Xbox platform.

if you want to use Dolby atmos you can also use it by downloading the Atmos app and use it with a pair of gaming headphones with your gaming pc for greater sound and a better experience. but this won’t work as the way surround sound speakers works, it only gives you a virtual surround sound experience. in the games like battlefield, call of duty, star wars battlefront, and PUBG using the Dolby will help you to play game immersively

The DTX:X system can be used anywhere and with whatever your current speaker setup is, this is the main advantage of the DTX:X. it will first get information about your current setup and detect what the speaker setup is. if you love your current speaker configuration that’s a good thing. DTX:X also provides three-dimensional surround sound via gaming headphones it’s called DTS headphones:X. The audio of this system is going to be amazing.

improved Gameplay with a Better Sound System

There is a saying “sound and music make more than half of communicating a story, greater even than what you’re seeing.” the current gaming industries and developers are using it like Hollywood movies with more improved storylines with more immersed sound recording. all of these dialogues, soundtracks, and ambient noises are used and made for enhancing the level of video games. so your system should prepare for this new era of gaming to use it put some sort of surround sound system in place.

If you are a high FPS gaming player and not using a surround system setup for gaming then it’s not a great prospect. This is why the DTS Headphone:X technology and the Dolby Atmos app comes in use for a more immersive gaming experience. There are many gaming headphones available in the market that supports the DTS Headphone:X technology and also Dolby Atmos application.

while playing games using headphones you can hear the exact pinpoint location of the enemy and from where the gunfire is coming. This feature may help you while playing competitive gaming. before you see the enemy you can hear them from the sound, also You will be more aware of the surroundings while playing games and this will also improve your gaming performance.

Which Sound System is Better for Gaming? 

looking at both sound systems the conclusion is that both of the systems are going to give you an amazing experience of gaming with an updated version of the sound system. in the market lots of games are available with both of these systems to play on PC and Xbox. so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

The Decision of the choosing best sound system comes to your personal preference. The best way to choose is that you should check out your nearest store or else do some online research or watch some videos on YouTube about your favorite game. on which system your game works better and then you can notice that on this system this video game works better and as per your need compared to another system.

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