In late August, Logitech expanded its G-Series gaming lineup and introduced the G-Series Color, led by the G733 headset. The earbuds were marketed as a bright, modern and comfortable model with RGB lighting and surround sound for console and PC gamers. After a while, she came to us for a review, and from this material you will find out what the creators did not deceive, and where else it is worth working.

Appearance and usability

Like the rest of the headsets, the Logitech G733 has a box and a package of documents. Will not touch these details, because it seems that they are not interesting to anyone. If we’re wrong, and more details are needed here, write about it in the comments. The same applies to the characteristics, which, if desired, you can delve into on the official website.

In addition to waste paper, the kit includes the headphones themselves with a detachable microphone, a wireless USB receiver and a USB Type-C charging cable. There are no cases, cases or handbags.

Logitech G733 looks bright and futuristic. There are black, blue, lilac and white to choose from in the series. We had the last one and it is universal, like other colors in the line. There are many photos on the network where guys and girls, teenagers, men and children use all available headphone colors and do not sweat. And just in black, the headset seems less attractive and loses its visual advantages.

Logitech G733 is made of matte and glossy plastic with rubber inserts on the headband. Below it is a second fabric headband. If desired, it can be easily removed for washing or replacing with another color.

The cups are massive with sharp corners.

The ear cushions are removable fabric and made of soft material with a light memory effect.

All the controls are placed on the left cup: a 3.5 mm microphone jack and a button for activating it, a volume wheel that controls sound directly from Windows, a USB Type-C port for charging and a button for turning the headphones on / off.

The microphone is short and flexible, quick to attach and remove, and easily swivels to any of the four directions.

The Logitech G733 Gaming Headset sits perfectly on your head and does not crush when worn for a long time. It is lightweight, 280 grams, so it is almost imperceptible when wearing. True, it will take a little getting used to the downforce – for the first 10 minutes we had a slight discomfort, and then we almost stopped feeling them. After wearing these headphones, the ears did not hurt even after 4-5 hours of use.

Compared to other gaming models, the Logitech G733 does not press too much on the head, and at the same time, it cuts out external noise almost completely. And this is with fabric ear cushions that let sounds through more. On the other hand, they are not hot or sweaty, although we did not test them in the summer. Perhaps at this time of year we would write something different.

The headband is small and, thanks to the recesses on the cups, can slightly increase. But, probably, this will not be enough for people with a large head or massive hair. But the Logitech G733 is great for kids and teens. Even for my three-year-old son, they were almost at the time on the minimum headband size.

Perhaps due to the color or the texture of the materials, dust and fingers are not visible on the headset at all. But dirt and other side effects of use are clearly visible. We think a lot depends on the color of the model, but the situation is like that on white.

Wireless connection

The Logitech G733 is equipped with a USB receiver for wireless connection to PCs and consoles. The connection takes place almost instantly, it is enough to insert the “USB stick” into the port and after a couple of seconds they are already working. On the PC, the drivers are installed automatically, even if the proprietary Logitech G Hub application is not installed; on the PS4, the system also detects and launches them immediately, just like on the Nintendo Switch. But they say it does not connect to the Xbox One, but we have not tried it myself and am writing what we found on the network. This may have already been fixed. According to the manufacturer, the Logitech G733 lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge with RGB lighting on and up to 29 hours without it. In fact, somewhere it is, depending on the volume and brightness of the backlight, there may be more. In my case, it was about 30 hours with a backlight at 50% brightness. True, we set the volume to 10-20%, that’s why it turned out so much. In any case, the autonomy is excellent.

The charge level is shown on the proprietary software, which will be discussed below, and if you press the on / off button during operation. Then the female voice will sound the rest of the charge as a percentage.

The wireless signal keeps well and is not interrupted, even if you move 20-30 meters away from the PC or console. In my case, there are two load-bearing walls at this distance and the signal still not only did not disappear, but did not even interrupt.

Ideally, such a connection should be tested on the street, near tram and railway tracks, power lines and other things. But the Logitech G733 is not designed for this kind of use, so the home test with distance and thick load-bearing walls is more or less adequate in this case.

Microphone sound and quality

Logitech G733 – headphones for games and in this vein they show their best side. The sound is powerful, with attack and deep lows. The headset pulls out explosions, gunfire, voices, car and environment sounds. Here, excellent positioning in shooters – on some network maps in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, it seems to me that we literally became a cheater when we heard every step and a clear direction of the enemy’s movement, thanks to which we made frags easily and naturally. In Cybepunk 2077 and other non-shooters, the headset also performed well, especially with detailed surround sound and dialogue.

However, what was written above refers to standard sound, without using surround sound. In my opinion, this is just a publicity stunt that does not paint this model at all. With active surround sound in games, at first it seems to become clearer: the situation is closer to real, the audibility is better, and everything else is louder. But at the first explosion, firefight, activation of musical accompaniment and other accompanying sounds, the bottom drowns out all other frequencies, the middle crumbles, and the top dissolves almost completely in all this cacophony.

Therefore, the strength, and one of the most important advantages for gamers, Logitech G733 in normal sound without software bells and whistles. When you turn on the music, the impressions, of course, are worse, because these are not headphones for music lovers, but if you don’t listen too much, or just don’t fumble, then you can listen to almost all styles without problems.

If we analyze it, then in music the overall sound of the Logitech G733 crumbles: there is not enough dense bass, the lows are buzzing, the middle loses its attack, and there are too many highs. For some reason, the overall volume is not enough, and it is not clear how it happened in the model with 40 mm radiators.

The Logitech G733 microphone is the weakest part. It makes the voice unnatural and deaf, but the situation is more or less corrected by the proprietary G Hub application, where the Blue Voice function can be activated in the settings. She then makes the voice adequate and bearable enough for communicating with teammates or with work colleagues. There are basic presets, but you can customize everything and save the profile. The main thing is to know what you are doing.

Proprietary software

Logitech G733 works fine even without the native Logitech G Hub program: RGB lighting glows, the sound in games is excellent and only the microphone fails. But if you wish, there is an opportunity to delve into the settings and download proprietary software. It immediately shows the charge level and other Logitech peripherals, if they are also connected, and even improves the quality of the microphone’s voice and does other things.

The program has several tabs, and navigation is available and immediately understandable. Each new page provides sound, microphone and lighting settings. The checkboxes activate the above-mentioned surround sound and the Blue Voice function, and you can even more detailed adjust the glow: slow it down or speed it up, make it brighter or darker, or synchronize it with other devices. In my case, with a mouse.


The Logitech G733 is a bright, modern and easy-to-use headset for gamers of all ages and sizes. The USB receiver limits it to laptops, PCs and consoles, but the connection is instant and does not require additional gestures.

The Logitech G733 has unusual, but eye-pleasing colors and this is an interesting difference from competitors, because it looks fresh and unusual. The headphones stand out for their minimalistic yet stylish RGB lighting, long battery life and perform well in games, watching movies and TV shows. They will work for music too, but will not satisfy music lovers, which they should not do, due to their focus on the players. With a price tag of $130, this is not the most affordable, but worthy solution in its price segment, which we safely recommend to buy for PC boyars and console players.

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