All thanks to Pewdiepie, Minecraft is back now and is stronger than ever. Minecraft is popular among YouTube stars. But the game was losing its popularity since the arrival of Battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG. But once, Pewdiepie started playing Minecraft, we saw it rise back from the dead. Whenever Pewdiepie reviews a Game on his YouTube channel, the game sees a 90% increase in its downloads and users.

Now, Minecraft is popular among users again. People are playing Minecraft on their Laptops and PC’s. But many people are facing performance issues. You could simply buy a PC at a decent cost or build one. You will be amazed to know how much does it cost to build a Gaming PC in 2020. Today we are here to help our fellow gamers to make Mine craft run faster on PC.

Tips to Run Minecraft faster

Allocate More RAM To Minecraft

Allocate more RAM to Minecraft. Whenever you allocate more RAM to a program, the PC comes to know to give more priority to the program. So, when you allocate more RAM, the program starts to run faster.

Install 64-bit Java

If you are running the game in a 64-bit operating system, you’re doing good. But when you combine it with a 64-bit version of Java, it becomes more powerful. The 64-bit Java allocates even more RAM to your game and makes sure that the performance is increased. And also try to keep Java updated regularly. This will help you to maintain the performance of the Game regularly.

Close Background Programs

Try to close all the background programs and processes so that there is enough RAM available for Minecraft to run easily. Always make sure that you don’t have a web browser running on your PC. Having apps like web browsers, music players in the background consume a lot of memory and slow the PC down.

Remove Mods and Texture Packs

There is no rocket science behind this, we all know that Mods and cool Texture packs slow down the game, besides they do not offer any in-game advantage. They slow down your Game’s performance and make it choppy. If you have such Texture packs or Mods Uninstall them quickly to see the better performance of your Game. Some High resolution Texture packs can surely deliver visual looks but you must uninstall them for the best performance of the Game.

Install the Optifine Mod

You must be thinking – ” Is this guy out of his mind ? He just advised us to remove all the mods and packs and is now suggesting to install one?” Well, Yes this mod is amazing as it smooth-ens out the performance of Minecraft. It renders all the graphics so quickly and effectively. Installing it is one of the most recommended methods by players across the Internet. You can find it officially in the Minecraft Forum or their website.

Change Performance settings of PC or Laptop

Many people don’t even think of this option. By default a Laptop or PC has a balanced or Power-saver performance setting. But you will be surprised to know that Windows also provides a High-performance mode where you can boost the performance of your laptop or PC with just a single click. Windows 10 usually has a separate app called the Game mode that tunes the performance of the PC to be suitable for Intense Gaming.

Turn off Sound

If you are comfortable playing Minecraft without sound, then you must turn off the sounds of the game. It is the easiest way to make any game run faster. But do not do in the wrong way. You must turn-off the sounds within the game and not just simply lower the volume of your speakers. Lowering the volume of your speakers won’t show you any new result in performance.

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