Pewdiepie’s subreddit, that is also known as pewdiepie submissions has once again made it to the front page of Google. Pewdiepie , who is world’s most subscribed individual Youtuber, and the best Youtuber has once again made his way to one of the big controversies.

From the past week, users across Internet and especially users on Instagram have been reporting users of the pewdiepie’s subreddit for stealing content from meme pages on Instagram. Pewdiepie’s subreddit is known for this, it’s not the first time someone has questioned pewdiepie about Original content!

Memes on this subreddit are not original content, all of them are reposts from various social networks like Instagram or Facebook. This subreddit has over a million redditors but they fail to produce original content. Several users are reporting this subreddit for this strict action.

Our view on Pewdiepie

Let us know, what do you guys think. According to us he is the best youtuber you will ever see, he just reviews content that has been produced by other fellow memer. We do not want any wrong allegations against our King.

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