If you are a Marvel fan you might be excited about the new Spider-Man movie. the reason why everyone is loving this movie because for the first time in the Marvel cinematic universe history we are getting to see all 3 Spider-Man together in a single movie well this has not been officially confirmed by Sony but there are high chances that we will be able to see Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire in a single movie.

Another reason why people are loving it because this is the fourth movie where will be able to see doctor strange in action. in this time he will be playing the role as a mentor to Spider-Man. We all know that after the events of in-game and Spider-Man far from home Spider-Man has lost his beloved mentor Tony stark, iron man. 

Spider-man 2022 plot

the exact plot of the movie is still unknown but the shooting of the movie has started recently with the title serenity. fan theory suggests that this movie is going to take place after doctor strange Madness of the multiverse movie doctor strange can be seen teaming up with scarlet witch are known as Wanda maximoff.

as of now, we have confirmed that electro will be the main reason of the third movie and this will be a game played by Jamie Foxx who played the role of electro in The amazing spider man 2 movie. Theories suggested The Sinister 6 will also appear in this movie we all know that vulture, venom, shocker and the scorpion exist in the Marvel universe. In the deleted scene of Spider-Man far from home, we have a look at the Oscorp tower which suggests that Norman Osborn The green Goblin is also present in the Marvel universe right now but this is not what we need.

since doctor strange is appearing in this movie, the theory suggests that this is going to be a spider-verse movie we all know that spider-man into the spider-verse movie was amazing and it also helps the fact that the multiverse exists in the Marvel cinematic universe. but since Jamie Foxx announced that he is going to be playing electro in the next Fireman movie fans are gone crazy because there is high building up that to be Mary and Andrew Garfield will be back as spiderman in the third movie.

this is because the final battle will can will be at least The Sinister six and Tom Holland will be using the help of Dr strange to open the multiverse and call another Spider-Man from alternate realities. this is not the only theory that has surfaced internet that Tom cruise will be playing the role of iron man in an alternate reality and Chris Evans will be playing the role of the human torch in an alternate reality.

By the end of spider man far from home we all know that Quinton Beck, Mysterio has been to the world that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and the second movie ends Spider-Man looking at a huge screen where j Jonah Jameson the editor of the daily bugle is showing the shocking video where The Identity of Spider-Man is revealed. We also know that miles morales also exist in the Marvel cinematic universe we got a glimpse of his uncle in the first Spider-Man movie that is Spider-Man homecoming

All these theories and facts build up the hype that third Spider-Man movie is going to be one of the biggest movies in the Marvel cinematic universe and if the theories are true this movie is going to be way more exciting and amazing for marvel fans than Avengers endgame was. 

Avengers in Spider-man 2022 movie

we all know that Iron man has died in the Avengers endgame movie and sources have confirmed that his last appearance will in black widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson as the black widow. Marvel has confirmed that they have no plans in reviving the characters that are dead so this means that we will not be able to see the iron man and captain America in further Marvel movies. but we all can assure that we will be able to see glimpses of past of Ironman and Captain America from previous movies.

but still, this creates confusion as Marvel recently released the trailer of wandavision where we can see the vision but vision has already died in Avengers infinity war movie. So Marvel fans are wondering if there is a chance to revive Ironman and Captain America. 

we all know that now venom X men and fantastic four are also part of the Marvel cinematic universe so there high chances that they will appear in the movie. we have also seen theories that if fantastic four gets rebooted in the Marvel cinematic universe then it is for sure that reason and will be playing the human torch once again.

Title of Spider-man 2022 movie

one of the major questions that Marvel fans are having regarding the third movie is that what will be the title of the third Spider-Man movie well sources have also confirmed that the third Spider-Man movie will also contain the word home in it.

as of now the characters that are confirmed to appear in the third Spider-Man movies of electro vulture shocker scorpion. and characters that are rumoured to appear in the movie are Mary Jane Watson Andrew Garfield Tobey Maguire venom human torch and Tom cruise as next iron man from an alternative universe.

this is all that we have about the third Spider-Man movie we will keep you updated about the latest news of the next spider-man movie and all the upcoming Marvel movies in the future. If you are interested about knowing about the upcoming Marvel web series wandavision then you must check this, where we have broken down everything that we know about the upcoming series and easter eggs about it.

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