What You Will Learn:

Learn Amazing AI strategies and master all the required calculations and creating amazing models for you. Use Amazon SageMaker to combine ready made models with a web application and get the most out of the web app. Learn How to refresh models with more accurate information and provide valuable data and information to the industry of Artificial Intelligence.

Why take this Nanodegree Program:

Learn beginner and expert level calculations and AI methods to work with artificial intelligence.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

To receive the best out of this we recommend you to have a beginner and intermediate knowledge in python programming and you must also have knowledge on Machine learning algorithms. Machine learning and python programming are basic requirements for any artificial intelligence courses.

Course Outline:

  1. Software Engineering Fundamentals: in the first lesson, you will be introduced to writing code in the production level and you will be taught the basic principles of object-oriented programming, which will be helpful later when you will get your hands into machine learning projects
  2. Machine Learning in Production: Use Amazon SageMaker to deploy actual and real machine learning models to produce live results
  3. Machine Learning Case Studies:Explore data and solve real world problems and get experience with previous projects
  4. Machine Learning Capstone: You will be presented a machine learning problem and you have to propose the best solution that you can.

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