In our world, we have two smartphone categories one is ios, and another is an android. Android phones are hyped up with a high number of megapixels like 64MP, 108Mp, etc. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G comes with a 108MP camera lens. in compared with iphones camera with less quantity of megapixels, Many more brands have started to provide you more megapixels cameras. But even if these phones have 8X multiplied camera MP than the iPhones camera, they still cannot capture better photos than the ios 12MP camera lens.

But for what? iPhones camera are so good with less MP, and their quality is much better than any android smartphone.

here are the reasons for the excellent Iphones camera 

  • Aperture
  • software
  • sensor


The most important thing in capturing a good quality photo is capturing the right amount of light, so when we take a picture, we are capturing nothing but light rays.

The aperture is the main entrance gate of a camera sensor, which controls the amount of light that enters the sensor. every light passes through this aperture
The bigger the aperture will be if the lesser the aperture will be, which means f/1.4 aperture is better and better than the f/2.8 aperture.


You may have the right aperture lens in the phone, but the processing software plays a primary role in making your image look sharp, clean, and saturated. In short, your camera software makes your final image, which you just captured. Phones have excellent software along with good hardware that processes the image correctly and gives a better output.
Like picture captured in a system camera app is not good as a picture taken from tha g cam app; this is because of the good image processing from the software.


The quality of an image depends upon the amount of light entering the sensor of the camera. The bigger sensor will be the amount of light entering in it; the sensors of the iPhone are bigger than Android phones, so their camera has better image quality

Conclusion about iphones camera

In the end, we need to understand that the other than megapixel there are many things which is important in camera. having high megapixel camera doesn’t make your phone great it should have other elements such as aperture, software and sensor.

apple only focus on quality of there products not on the quantity and other smartphone brands only shows you number of megapixels to create hype in the mobile market to get more profit on these devices. and this is why apple gives only 12MP camera which can beat any android smartphone right now.

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